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Our donors and well wishers

1. Volunteer:

Join our friendly team of volunteers and do something positive for your community. Anyone can volunteer. It doesn't matter what your skills, experience or background are, or how much time you have to give.

Browse our volunteering roles to find an opportunity that suits you.

VMMK welcomes volunteers from India and abroad in the field of education, health care, environment, fund raising, etc.

Education: Teaching English Language, Music, Drawing, Yoga, Meditation and Moral education to school children.

Health care: To take care of children and aged persons who suffer from various health issues.

Environment: To take part in the clean and green campaign

Fund raising: Local fundraising as well as international fund raising from grant givers

Home based volunteers:

If the Volunteers feel to work from their home there are good opportunities with VMMK. Please contact our team. vmmkproject@gmail.com

Home based Accommodation and food with A/C or Non A/C facilities are available for reasonable living costs. Best hospitality will be provided to the volunteers and who wish to take Research, Tourism, Education and other activities can approach VMMK for volunteer opportunities.

1.2. Sponsor

1.2.a. Sponsor a child:

VMMK is working for the people and children who are affected by HIV/AIDS through its outreach programme. In this it was found that 82 children are affected by HIV/AIDS in Virudhunagar district. VMMK runs a home KARPAGA VIRUTCHAM (A holy tree which gives all needs of the human beings) for these children and is looking after them with its own resources and donations given by well wishers and philanthropists. VMMK spends approximately Rs.60/- or 1 USD on each child for his /her daily life...we need support to do this work.

1.2.b. Sponsor education to dropout children:

Students from low socio-economic backgrounds are at much higher risk of dropping out which could be due to several reasons such as inadequate parenting, inability to afford the educational expenditure, poor schooling infrastructure, remote area, de-motivated teachers, pressures to augment family income, accompanied by a view that schooling has limited economic returns; peers with low aspirations; poor nutrition and health. VMMK is running Special Schools for 200 such dropout children. In this schools the children are provided with free accommodation, food, protection, clothing etc. Every child needs Rs. 1500 per month to continue his/her studies in our special school. So, please pick up a child and sponsor this child.

1.2.c. Sponsor livelihood support to Transgender affected by HIV/AIDS:

VMMK is working among Transgenders for their HIV/AIDS risks and to prevent them from the occurrence and risks of HIV/AIDS. During our intervention VMMK found that the Transgender are at significant risk for HIV as a result of greater risk of violence and discrimination in health services. VMMK have identified 335 Transgenders out of which 89 are affected by HIV/AIDS and they are positive. They are very vulnerable to poverty and they are struggle for their day to day livelihood. So, VMMK wish to support this needy Transgenders by providing them self employment or job employment opportunities and nutrition support. Please pick up a Transgender and sponsor for his/her livelihood.

1.2.d. Sponsor a senior citizen:

As a result of changing economic conditions and scarce employment opportunities in rural areas there is continuous migration of young and the abled to urban centres within the state and outside in search of work. This has resulted in them leaving their older and invalid parents in their rural homes and they are leading a lonely life without any one to take care of them. They find it difficult to get daily food, health care and other basic needs. According to a VMMK survey in its working villages it was found that 42% of senior citizens are living alone. They need somebody to help them to give food and health care. So, VMMK started a Home named KALPA THARU (A holy tree which gives all needs for the human beings) to look after these senior citizens. In this home the senior citizens are provided with free accommodation, food, health care, entertainment, get together facilities. This home is run by the donations given by well wishers and philanthropists. A senior citizen needs About 90 INR or 1.5 USD daily for his/her daily food, accommodation and health care. We humbly request all of you to support this noble cause with your kind contributions. Please pick up a senior citizen and sponsor him/her.

1.3. Donate:

Ways to donate:

1.3.a. Become a major donor

1.3.b. Donate in memory

1.3.c. Ways of donating

Making a donation is easy. It can be made in several ways:

i) Make a donation online

ii) Send us a cheque or demand draft in the name of "Virutcham Magalir Munnetra Kalzangiam" Payable at Virudhunagar.

1.3.d. Leaving a legacy:

By donating in your will, you will leave a legacy that lasts for generations. VMMK is committed to working with the weaker sections of the communities. Remembering VMMK in your will means we can keep responding to help people and show way to lift themselves out of the cycle of poverty and hunger.

1.3.e. What could your legacy do?

$ 200 could support a vulnerable family to become economical sustainable.

$ 5,000 could build an irrigation system for a whole village helping the small and marginal farming community to grow more and better crops by means of organic farming.

$ 20,000 could build two vocational training centres with two classrooms each for youth and adolescent girls.

2. Our donors and well wishers:

2.1. State Government:

Tamilnadu Social Welfare Board, Chennai
Tamilnadu Department of Social Welfare, Chennai
Tamilnadu Education Department, Chennai and Virudhunagar
Tamilnadu State AIDS Control society, Chennai
Tamilnadu Water and Drainage Board (TWADB), Virudhunagar.

2.2. Central Government:

Central Social Welfare Board, New Delhi
National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development (NABARD), Chennai
Ministry of Labour, New Delhi
Ministry of Environment & Forest, New Delhi
National AIDS Control Organisation (NACO), Newdelhi

2.3. Foreign:

Norwegian Human rights Fund (NHRF), Norway.
HIVOS, Netherland
FVTRS, Bangalore

2.4. Others:

Antenna Trust, Madurai
CHAI, Secundrabad
Peace Trust, Dindigul
Udeyam Network, Virudhunagar
Collectives for Development Initiatives, Nagercoil
Odisha Development Initiatives (ODI), Odisha